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Tri M Consulting is dedicated to helping each person achieve the success they seek in their professional development through the refining of their physical appearance. It is our passion and our only focus. Your Image Specialist Mary McGrew-Cunningham is ideally suited to assist you in this endeavor. Her ability to evaluate the individual's body style, face shape, hairstyle, wardrobe, personal color palette, make-up and physiognomy (study of facial features as an indicators of personal characteristics) and then refine them into a cohesive professional look provides you with the ideal resource for optimizing ones appearance.

Achieving the right look is a complex process and requires many specialized skills. Mary's background and life experiences have uniquely qualified her to excel as an Image Specialist. Mary has received both a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Southwest Texas State University and a Master of Arts from Texas Woman's University. She has also attended an intensive study in professional make-up design and application at Joe Blasco's school of make-up in Hollywood California. Both her BFA and MA in theatre have given her an understanding of the effect of lighting in various environments and how to best utilize the appropriate colors and make-up to maximize each persons individual look.

Mary has over twelve years of experience in teaching and image consulting. She was the make-up artist for a popular major market morning show and has helped people from many walks of life refine their presentation including; corporate management, on-air talent, television and film celebrities, musical entertainers, political candidates and many more. Rarely is an individual as uniquely qualified as Mary in having the expertise in all the relevant areas that make her a standout in her profession. We believe she is the right choice. Give us a call and find out for yourself.

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