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A one-on-one consultation is the best way to receive the full benefit of the image consultation session. Half, full and multi-day sessions are available to teach the individual(s) how to look better in their own working environment and then how to maintain the look they have achieved long after the session is over.

In most cases we come to you in order to fine-tune your look for the lighting and environment in which you work. The key here is not only applying the proper techniques but also teaching the person in a way that allows them to learn what works best for them. Mary's goal for each session is to instruct the individual, through hands on experience, methods that they can do themselves. After the session each person is given a comprehensive report reviewing the skills learned along with written observations and recommendations tailored to the individual needs of the person.

A partial list of personalized consultation services includes:

  • Hair, wardrobe, make-up, and accessories evaluation and recommendations
  • Personal color evaluation and recommendation
  • Make-up product recommendation
  • Comprehensive follow-up report

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